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Tai Chi: Arthritis & Fall Prevention, Beginner

This slow, graceful exercise, which originated centuries ago as a martial art, can improve balance, reduce stress and offer arthritis pain relief.  Additional benefits include increased relaxation, strength and vitality, as well as improved posture and immunity.  Students learn a series of gentle, easy movements that are performed in order, similar to a dance routine, but much slower.  A modification of the form can be performed while seated in a chair.


This particular form of Tai Chi was developed by Dr. Paul Lam, a medical doctor and Tai Chi Master, particularly for older individuals who endure arthritic pain.  The Beginner class covers the first half of the form.  It consists of 8 sessions in which we learn the sequence of tai chi movements in the first half, as well as warmup and cool down routines and basic principles of tai chi.

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